Learn Why Betting Systems Don’t Work

Law of Independent Events

Comprehending the law of independent variables is vital to describing why betting systems don’t work. Of course, most gambling sports don’t guarantee a win, even if the odds are unerringly 50-50. Similarly, in a casino, there is no equal chance for gamblers. For instance, in single zero virtual roulette, for each 18 including cash decision to triumph; there are 19 decisions for a play to be beaten. In other words, if one bet on black, there are 18 black’s vs.18 red plus one zero.

In offline roulette, commonly it is twice offensive because it incorporates two zeros. Definitely, zeros are the key reason why betting systems don’t work.

Nevertheless, in craps, if a player sticks to either pass or doesn’t pass; it will result in approximately 69 ways to be victorious and on the other hand, 70 ways to lose. Perhaps, that one of the factors why players prefer craps than roulette when it comes to betting systems, but still bear in mind; the more one plays the more one lose. That way neither of them works.


In betting systems, it doesn’t matter if one was conquered all day or won all day. Still, it doesn’t matter if one made a 5 dollars bet and now bet 500 dollars bet or changed gambling tables, the reality still remains. To be precise the chances of losing in craps will still be higher than a prize-winning by one.

Obviously, if making a bet of 1 dollar, one wouldn’t have expected similar treatment like when making 500 dollars. It is right to think a 500 dollars bettor should win more and lose less.

Betting are not supported by Deficient randomness

It takes pain to apprehend the force and length of time taken while rolling dice games or when engaging in other dissimilar betting systems. Equally, dice manipulation, shuffle tracking, and wheel timing proves why betting systems don’t work. It requires effort to make a bit of correct prediction for blackjack, craps, and roulette. Whichever the case, still the outcome will be random making betting systems seem off-putting to most gamblers.

Therefore, engage in the recreation keeping in mind the law of independent events applies to all betting systems regardless of the quantity of funds during the bet. However, make an effort to fabricate an intellectual predictability to keep winning.